Current Positions

Current Positions

Maastricht University (the Netherlands)
In September 1999, Michael Faure became Academic Director of the Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO). Metro initiates and stimulates comparative and transboundary legal research and organizes conferences about various legal themes. Moreover, the institute publishes the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, and the Ius Commune Europaeum Book Series. Metro is very active in the field of contract research. Since the founding of the institute research has been done for (a.o.) the Dutch Ministries of Justice, Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Environment, Social Affairs and Employment, Education, the European Commission and for the OECD.
Michael Faure is also appointed as Professor of Comparative and International Environmental Law.
In addition, he is Academic Director of the Ius Commune Research School. The School is a cooperation between the Law Faculties of the universities of Maastricht (UM), Utrecht (UU), Amsterdam (UvA) and Leuven (K.U. Leuven) which aims at the realization of a Ius Commune in Europe.

Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
Since 1 February 2008 Michael Faure is 0.5 connected to Erasmus School of Law of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He is appointed as Professor of Comparative Private Law and Economics and Managing Director of the European Doctorate in Law and Economics (EDLE). Together with prof. Peter Mascini he is Director of the programme Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort (BACT). Since 2008, he is also General Director of the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics (RILE) where the law and economics research at Erasmus School of Law is located. In Rotterdam Michael has many PhDs under his supervision. Most of those Phds participate in EDLE; some participate in the Erasmus China Law Centre (ECLC) and have scholarships from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The research that Michael executes in Rotterdam fits within the programme Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort.

Lawyer’s Office Van Goethem Antwerp (Belgium)
Michael Faure has been linked to the attorney office van Goethem since 1982. He did his teaching practice with the late president of the Bar Council Jos van Goethem LL.M.
Since 1986, Mr. Faure has been applying himself to environmental law and more particularly environmental criminal law. As a lawyer, he has conducted a lot of known and less known criminal cases and advises the government, the business world as well as private persons on files about (transboundary) environmental law and waste transport in particular.

The Flemish High Council of Environmental Enforcement
Michael Faure is Chairman of the Flemish High Council of Environmental Enforcement. The Council was created by the Flemish act of 21 December 2007, published in the Belgian Official Journal of 29 February 2008. It effectively started its work on the 1st of May 2009. This High Council on Environmental Enforcement has a few specific tasks allocated to in this act, mostly concerning the coordination of enforcement policy in the area of environmental legislation. The Flemish High Council of Environmental Enforcement creates a forum for all the environmental enforcement actors within the Flemish Region, facilitates and coordinates the establishment of environmental enforcement protocols, annually publishes an Environmental Enforcement Report, and organizes (international) conferences to discuss different environmental enforcement topics. Michael Faure is the responsible publisher of the Environmental Enforcement Reports.

Université Catholique de Louvain – UCL (Belgium)
Invited professor for the course “Droit européen et comparé de la responsabilité civile” (Comparative economic perspectives on European liability law)
In this course, the economic analysis of law will be used to critically review recent tendencies in European liability law, both EU law and the law in several member countries. It will enable the student to understand economic concepts and the economic meaning of civil liability. Moreover, it will be shown how these economic concepts can also be applied in a useful way to civil liability.

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