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Conditions for Effective Risk Sharing Against Marine Pollution: The Case of the Ría De Vigo


The Multiplication Effect of Legal Insurance

The Risk of Dancing in the Dark: Towards a ‘Constitution’ for Behavioral Policy-Making

Third Party Financing and its Alternatives: An Economic Appraisal

Development of a Regulatory Framework for CDM-Enabled Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage (OCCS) in China


Towards a Harmonization of Insider Trading Criminal Law at EU Level?

Augmenting Forest Sustainability Certificates with Fiscal Instruments

The Economics of Disaster Relief


Climate Change Adaptation and Compensation

The Regulator’s Dilemma: Caught between the Need for Flexibility and the Demands
of Foreseeability. Reassessing the Lex Certa Principle

CADR and Settlement of Claims. A Few Economic Observations

Compensation for Environmental Damage in China: Theory and Practice

Public Authority Liability and the Chilling Effect


Security Mechanisms for Insolvencies in the Package Travel Sector: An Economic Analysis

The Role of Environmental Taxation: Economics and the Law

Towards an Extraterritorial Application of the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law that Avoids Trade Conflicts

Economic Instruments: Suited to Developing Countries?

The Role of Environmental Civil Liability: An Economic Analysis of the French Legal System

Compensating Nuclear Damage in China

Towards a Deposit Guarantee Insurance in China? A Law and Economics Perspective

Insurance Against Catastrophe: Government Stimulation of Insurance Markets for Catastrophic Events

The Tsunami of March 2011 and the Subsequent Nuclear Incident at Fukushima: Who Compensates the Victims?


Social Stigma

Competition Policy and Regulation

Climate Change Liability – Concluding Remarks

Climate Change Liability – Introduction

The Role of Experts in Assessing Damages – A Law and Economics Account

New Models for the Compensation of Natural Resources Damage

Comparing Third Party Financing of Litigation and Legal Expenses Insurance

Effectiveness of Environmental Law: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?

Environmental Criminal Law in China: A Critical Analysis

Behavioural Economics in Unfair Contract Terms Cautions and Considerations

The Role of Lawmakers, Lobbyists, and Interest Groups in the Normative Evaluation of Timing Rules

Optimal Specificity in Environmental Standard-Setting

Enforcement of Environmental Law in the Flemish Region

Vague Notions in Environmental Criminal Law

Effective, Proportional and Dissuasive Penalties in the Implementation of the Environmental Crime and Shipsource Pollution Directives: Questions and Challenges

Compliance with Global Environmental Policy

Behavioural Accident Law and Economics

Compensating Victims of Bankrupted Financial Institutions: A Law and Economic Analysis

Civil Liability and Compensation for Marine Pollution – Lessons to Be Learned for Offshore Oil Spills

Does Law Matter? An Introduction

Criminal Liability for Oil Pollution Damage: An Economic Analysis

Regulatory Strategies in Environmental Liability

Effectiveness of Environmental Public Interest Litigation in India: Determining the Key Variables

Globalization and Multi-Level Governance of Environmental Harm

Bucking the Kuznets Curve: Designing Effective Environmental Regulation in Developing Countries

Economic Analysis of Tort Law and the European Civil Code

Fees for Claim Settlement in the Field of Personal Injury: Empirical Evidence from the Netherlands

The Regulation of Pharmacists in Belgium and the Netherlands: In the Public or Private Interest?

Compensating Nuclear Damage: A Comparative Economic Analysis of the U.S. and International Liability Schemes

Calabresi and Behavioural Tort Law and Economics

Environmental Crimes

Environmental Liability

An Economic Analysis of the Nuclear Liability Subsidy

Applying National Liability Law to Transboundary Pollution: Some Lessons from Europe and the United States

Economic Analysis of Tort Law and the European Civil Code

Curbing Consumer Financial Losses: The Economics of Regulatory Enforcement

Liability for Oil Pollution: Recent Developments

The Civil Liability of European Nuclear Operators: Which Coverage for the New 2004 Protocols? – Evidence from France –

The Coverage of the Nuclear Risk in Europe: Which Alternative?

The Law and Economics of Environmental Federalism: Europe and the United States Compared

Liability in Cases of Damage Resulting from GMO’s: An Economic Perspective

The Scope of Criminal Law and Criminal Sanctions: An Economic View and Policy Implications

Fashioning Entitlements: A Comparative Law and Economic Analysis of the Judicial Role in Environmental Centralization in the U.S. and Europe

A Graduated Punishment Approach to Environmental Crimes: Beyond Vindication of Administrative Authority in the United States and Europe

Designing Incentives Regulation for the Environment

Fees for Claim Settlement in the Field of Personal Injury: Empirical Evidence from the Netherlands

Enforcement Practices for Breaches of Consumer Protection Legislation

International Liability as an Instrument to Prevent and Compensate for Climate Change

Insurability of Damage Caused by Climate Change – A Comment

Catastrophic Risks and First-Party Insurance

Economic Analysis of Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage in China, Chapter in Book

Financial Caps for Oil Pollution Damage: A Historical Mistake?

A Shift Toward Alternative Compensation Mechanisms for Environmental Damage?

Concluding Remarks to the Book Shifts in Compensation between Private and Public Systems, Tort and Insurance Law

Concluding Observations to the Book ‘Shifts in Compensation for Environmental Damage, Tort and Insurance Law’

Funding of Personal Injury Litigation and Claims Culture: Evidence from the Netherlands

Financial Compensation for Victims of Catastrophes: A Law and Economics Perspective

Economic Analysis of Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage

Forfeiture of Illegal Gain: An Economic Perspective

Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage: China Versus the International Regime

Alternative Compensation Mechanisms as Remedies for Uninsurability of Liability

The International Regimes for the Compensation of Oil-Pollution Damage: Are They Effective?

Insurance of the Costs of Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands: A Law and Economics Perspective

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