Michael Faure

General Information
Michael G. Faure is Professor of Comparative Private Law and Economics. Michael studied law at the University of Antwerp (1982) and criminology at the University of Ghent (1983). He obtained a Master of Laws from the University of Chicago Law School (1984) and a doctor iuris from the Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg im Breisgau.

Michael first was a lecturer and then a senior lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law of the Law Faculty of Leiden University (1988-1999). He became academic director of the Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO) and professor of Comparative and International Environmental Law at the Law Faculty of Maastricht University in September 1991. In 2008 he was appointed Professor of Comparative Private Law & Economics at the ESL in Rotterdam. He still holds both positions today. In addition, Michael is academic director of the IUS Commune Research School. Since 1982 he is attorney at the Antwerp Bar. In 2011 he has been elected as a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy for Science (KNAW). Michael Faure teaches Environmental Law and Economics and European Law and Economics.

Michael Faure publishes in the areas of environmental (criminal) law, tort and insurance and economic analysis of (accident) law. He is the managing director of the European Doctorate programme in Law and Economics (EDLE) and general director of the RILE.

Michael Faures core research is focused on environmental law and more particularly international environmental law and environmental criminal law. Research is also carried out from an economic analysis of law and more particularly accident law.  Typically, the research is of a legal comparative or a legal economic nature and sometimes involves the international treaties in the research. The research often focuses on specific environmental problems such as sea water pollution by oil or nuclear accidents. In addition, research is also carried out on a broader level regarding diverse themes in the economic analysis of law (such as insurance, financial crisis, deposit guarantee system) and attention is also paid to the way in which legal rules influence people’s behaviour.

Michael Faure is haiwaimingshi (distinguished foreign professor) at the Centre for Law and Economics of the China University of Political Science and Law. In addition, Michael Faure teaches “Analyse Economique de la Responsabilité Civile” at the law faculty of the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). Finally, Michael Faure contributes to the course on “Law & Economics” at the law faculty of Maastricht University.